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Developing a school-wide vision and approach

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About This Course

Module One supports the careers leaders to prepare their school for change by establishing urgency, building a coalition team of invested internal stakeholders and creating a vision for a whole-school approach to high-quality careers guidance.

The module is structured in several sections with key outcomes after each one, as shown below:

  • Units 1, 2, 3 and 4: You’ll explore key themes around Leadership and Change Management in the context of being a Careers Leader.
  • Units 5 and 6: You’ll begin to consider why a Careers strategy is so important and how you can begin to communicate this, and how you can begin to build a ‘Careers Team’
  • Unit 7: You’ll join the rest of your local cohort in-person to collaborate and take the first steps towards producing your school’s Careers strategy.
  • Units 8-10: You’ll prepare to present your Careers Strategy presentation to internal stakeholders e.g. Senior Leadership Team, Governors, Careers Team, and begin logging your reflections in a Development Log.

Course Staff

Russell Hobby
Teach First CEO

Susie Kendall
Employability Team, Teach First

Beth Hardy
Careers Leader at Kingswood Academy & CELP Alumna

Mike Britland
Former Careers Leader at Oak Academy & CELP Alumna

Helen Janota
Expert in Labour Market Information

Vicky Woodings
Careers Expert at Bourne Academy & CELP Alumna

Caroline Foster
Magistrate & Employability Link Governor at Bourne Academy

Jon Lawson
Deputy Headteacher at Kingswood Academy

Melissa Halliwell
Assistant Headteacher at Oak Academy

Ashley St John
Assistant Headteacher at Bourne Academy